NVRMND Presents Witch House Wednesday #WHW


Another weekly edition of dark electronic, dance, and experimental rave music! This week we are featuring an artist, some hardcore fans of the genre may recognize. Hailing all the way from the motherland, and yes I am talking about Russia! In the Eastern European city Rostov-on-Don (a port city and the administrative center of Rostov Oblast and the Southern Federal District of Russia) resides Portwave. That may be a tip off, as for the reason why “Port” is in their name, funny huh! Well heres why you should take them seriously, Portwave just released an Experimental-Noise, Crushwave, #Witchhouse ‘LP’ titled There Sore Eyes. The LP features immensely great dance tracks, absorbing you, and entracing you in all of its warm fuzziness with tracks like the first track on the album “Flora“, jumping out of that warm synth experience for a racey synth solo, returning listeners to hardcore gothpop percussions, and hymms. I do not wanna spoil the entire listen for you, so go ahead an plug in your head set ••


I’m level four [EP] Pen Parker


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