Last week an article written by  of The UK Publication Dark Floor, dedicated to the savage Industrial-Rage performance artists, that comprise the band Human Traffic. Lucky for us there was a feature of the all new official video, for their song My Body Is A Mechanism. Which was produced by NVR MND, watch you must!


Official Music Video

[“Human Traffic‘s music has been included in many an industrial mix since their initial self-released EP Digital Ecstasy, but with a name referencing the modern slave trade, Human Traffic makes a memorable impact before one even hears their music.

The slick lines of their minimalist logo adorn the halls of NVR MNDSUBSTANCE LA, and other fixtures of the post-witchhouse gothic landscape. The Kansas City based trio composed of Rehab, Vicki Sixx and Lola Rat has been hard at work on a new full length album while managing the underground venue Negative Space.

Since it’s inception industrial music has functioned as a form of socio-political rebellion while simultaneously invoking a love-hate relationship with machinery. In a modern America where police murder helpless citizens without consequence, the government tracks our every move, and corporations determine international policy, it’s no wonder that a new breed of music has emerged to express the rage and frustration of the oppressed populace.

Describing their sound as “post-industrial suicide pop laced with traces of cold techno noise therapy”

Human Traffic is part of a rising wave of glitchy American industrial music paired well with acts like 3TEETH and High Functioning Flesh…”, read full here.]


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