AJ Suede ov Freeminds Co’s Gold & Earth, Marks a 3rd album, in the Golden Element Quadrilogy.

The release of this album marks 4 months since I’ve returned to Gotham Forest, PA. The transition from city life back into country life reminded me how close I am to nature and the earth. The isolation caused me to devote all my time towards a new project. Gold and Earth, the 3rd album in the “Golden Element Quadrilogy”.


Featuring Slug Christ, Noah23, Blam Lord, Joey Shinobi, Shady Blaze and Iko the Rainman (In Order of Appearance)
All tracks are produced and engineered by AJ Suede. Lords of the Forest includes an additional bass line and engineering from Bugz Ronin.
Artwork by AJ Suede, Omar Jones and Joe Capon for Freeminds Collective.


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