Over the entire course of an year CROSSOVER yielded a massive quantity of 10 total music video releases (complimenting 8 out of 15 tracks located on this album) with the October 2K14 release of FUNERAL FLOWERS – a 14 track Digital Release. Additionally featuring a secret 15th track, for all the collectors out there. Not to mention the physical CD release is paired with a second CD featuring 5 extra tracks. The album was written and recorded in LA. This marks the 6th full album release by the “Underground Dark-Electronic” Artist(s) or as they call themselves “Darkbeat”. CROSSOVER has been around since 1998, founded in New York City. It took the artists two years to hammer out these amazing tracks. 

Featuring tracks “Z.P.D”, “Last Song On The Second Side”, “Art Of War”, “Me And You”, “I Want A New Planet”, “Death Of Us All”, “Alien Rock”, & “Digging Your Own Grave”; which also have their own music videos respectively.

music video for DIGGING YOUR OWN GRAVE

Each track from FUNERAL FLOWERS correlates a deep sense of longing, between the estranged vocalists, with such an otherworldly discomfort, and a setting of unfulfilled desires. Angst, if not anger for the lack of, they are not receiving. The depiction of their experience, cold and torn, the dreams they had, and reach for are just too far out of their grasp.

They confidently acknowledge what they seek is which simply cannot be found on the planet, itself – to mention such tracks as “I Want To New Planet” & “Darkside Rules”. The album is filled packed full of “Evil Electronix”. Swelling blackgaze, punchy-crystalline synth staggering over rhythmic dance beats. I’m truly thrilled there is still such chilling sounds coming from these two! They now live on the east coast in a remote location on the ocean. Be sure to check the link to their full album, FUNERAL FLOWERS.

Now Available as of October 1st


Now Available as of October 31st


There will be a 7” physical release coming soon as well. 

Here are some remix’s found on their soundcloud! Endjoy +/-

Shatter The Night Remix By French Artist MAKiNA GiRGiR

Alien Rock Remix By LUST ERA from Puerto Rico

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